Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sydney With The "FanBoise"

    We finally arrived in Sydney after a long 10 hour flight. Luckily, we were able to start celebrating Australia Day (pronounced "Straya") on our way in with a few free cocktails. We were greeted at the airport by our friend, Cameron, who sacrificed a day of being piss drunk with his friends to come pick us up. We were surprised to find out that were had an apartment to ourselves, across from the boys, for the whole weekend! We were quickly welcomed with open arms and immediately handed a drink. After we freshened up a little we walked over to find a room full of people creating their own music by banging on pots and pans, singing into shower heads, and harmonizing while yelling into the fan. Some may think this scene was overwhelming, but we thought it was AWESOME! After hanging out for a little longer we began our trek to the bar. On our way, we passed by an empty shopping cart. Our new friend, James, convinced Jessica to jump in and gave her a lift to the bar. We finally arrived at the bar and had a great time dancing the night away.

Sightseeing Around Sydney... In The Rain
    We woke up the next morning to the sound of rain hitting our window. We were told the rain probably wouldn't last all day, so we decided to go sightseeing in Sydney. Cameron convinced us that we would be too hot if we brought our rain jackets, so we only brought an umbrella. We took the refrigerated bus into the city, and the rain continued. We boarded the ferry in Darling Harbor and rode it under Harbor Bridge and pulled up right next to the Sydney Opera House. After the rain STILL continued we were fed up with sightseeing covered with goosebumps, so we took shelter in a local restaurant, dried off a bit and headed back to Bondi Beach. We got back to the apartment and found the boys STILL lounging on the couch. To ensure we had a good night, Cameron gave me the great honor of making it "My Day," which meant everyone had to do whatever I said and I got (or, had, depending on how you look at it) to make all the decisions. The evening activities started with Jessica discovering Ryan Gosling (aka Carter) and cheering on the destruction of the UK. In the meantime, Cameron and Andy, disappeared. When they returned they had guitars and a setlist in hand. We were lucky to have an intermission from the match with a concert featuring The FanBoise. Jessica was impatiently waiting for it to her day. After the destruction was complete, we headed out to Lo-Fi. Fortunately for me, I was awarded with a couple more hours of My Day because I got it so late, which made Jessica very angry. Luckily, she got over it (2 hour later) when it was finally her day. At the club, watched a dance off between Jessica and Justin, discovered the meaning of "chest proud", watched a game of ping-pong with an imaginary ball, and enjoyed music by our very own, DJ McTaggart. We even made a new friend on the dance floor that showed Jessica her really impressive dance moves. In the meantime, the rain continued...

Captain Band Signifying "My Day"
Changing Of The Guards

Dance Off... Jess Wins!
Making Music 
Chest Proud
Our New Best Friends

    Jessica here, I woke up the next morning, early of course, and decided that it would be a good idea to go on a run because the rain had finally let down. What I planned on being a 40 minute run ended up turning into a 2 hour run after managing to get lost. (surprise, surprise) And did I mention that it began POURING rain, so by the time I got back to the apartment I looked like a drowned rat. After returning the gang just started to wake up and the rain STILL continued. After lounging around for most of the afternoon, Kerry was getting quite restless so we decided to give the boys a break and go explore the town. We met up with Kerry's friend from home, Ali Hursh, to walk around and got a cup of coffee. This cappuccino did wonders for Kerry, because when we got back the boys were convinced that she was drunk. They made us a gourmet meal of a day old salad (with no dressing), sausages (which I didn't eat), and Golden Gaytime's for dessert. The night started to get emotional as the boys realized that our time had come to an end, so much in fact that they insisted we return the following Monday. And shocker, the rain STILL CONTINUED....
A Walk Around Bondi Beach... In The Rain
    We woke up at 5 am to leave for our flight to Perth, but of course our cab driver was late. This should have been a warning sign, because this soon was to turn into the worst cab experience that either of us have ever had. What we were told by the liars Cameron and Justin would be a leisurely twenty minute journey, actually turned into over an hour of straight HELL, while STILL RAINING. We are convinced that our cab driver actually enjoyed the slower lane and to him a yellow light meant stop instead of speed up. As we started to realize that we were probably going to miss our flight, Kerry snapped. She started politely (not) yelling at him to get in the faster lane, or better yet the lane that was actually moving. After finally making it to the airport we were welcomed by a big yellow sign that stated, "At least 45 min before flight for check-in", while we only had 20 minutes till our flight. Deciding to live up to the stereotype of a pushy American we budged our way to the front and somehow managed to get our tickets, check our bags, and still get a coffee. We boarded the plane with our oversize bags, a coffee that wasn't allowed, and our loud American accents. While blocking the aisle we realized that our seats were not together and I asked the man in two rows back if he would mind switching, and realized too late that mine was actually three rows back. After a bit more switching, attempting to turn around with our oversized backpacks we were finally in our seats on our way to Perth! This is my official apology to the American people for only living up to the stereotype... and the rain continued.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

And So It Begins...

       In order to prep for our rather strenuous and grueling adventure, we decided to visit da island. It was pretty much the usual scene, being mistaken as locals, almost needing the beach patrol to save us from basically a tsunami, and attending a less than mediocre luau. The greatest part of this weeks trek was that we were not limited to the dynamic duo, but rather the three best friends. 

High surf warning... commonly mistaken as high shorts warning 

Caroline and Kerry on stage at the luau
Acai bowls in the North Shore. A must do on da island. Amazing!
About to board the plane to Australia